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How can I give you the information I want to engrave on an article?

You can give your text in the "Remark" box present on all the articles. You can also join a file when you place order in order to give us a maximum of information.

How do I know if I will like engraving? If you are not going to make a mistake?

For any article sent and which requires an engraving with information that you will have transmitted to us, we will send you on your mailbox to the address which we will have communicated the logo of the exact image which will be engraved.

We will ask you to check that there is no mistake and that this is what you want.

When you validate, your order is produced and there will be no way to go back if your order is in production or has already been done.

How long will my order be ready to ship?

We put all our heart and do everything possible to prepare your order as soon as possible.
On average, 2 weeks are required for the package to be posted.
Please notify us if your order is urgent.

- If you live in a building / residence and the postman needs an access code to deliver the package, thank you to provide it BEFORE sending the package.

Atelier58E can in no way be held responsible for late delivery or delivery after your event if the following deadline is not respected: Order date + 2 weeks (production) + 3 working days (for Belgium) or 8 working days (for Europe) or 15 working days (for the rest of the world) + 10 working days.
If your event takes place before the announced "security" deadline, contact us and we will see if it is possible to place your order in priority according to the number of orders we have.

When will I be delivered?

Packages are usually dispatched every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We sometimes make exceptions for urgent requests.
You will always be notified of the shipment of your order the same day or the next day.

The approximate delivery times are as follows:
Belgium: 2 working days
France / England / Luxembourg: 3 to 5 working days
Italy / Spain / Switzerland: 6 working days

Rest of Europe: 8 working days

United States: 8 to 12 business days
Australia: 15 to 20 business days

The product I want to buy is out of stock, what can I do?

Do not panic ! Our stock outs are mostly very short and momentary. Contact us for more details:

Can I request a custom order? How do I do that ?

We accept requests for customization or custom item. The first thing to do is to contact us to see if it's workable :

If we confirm it to you, we will give you a quote and if you accept it, an article will be put online to allow you to pay.

Do you have a shop where I can pick up my items?

No we do not have a shop. However, you can always pick up your articles directly at our workshop and we will be happy to meet you and listen to any comments you may have on our work! Only by appointment and at our address at 1490 Court Saint Etienne (Belgium). (near Ottignies and Wavre)

What information do I have to check when I order?

- Make sure that the size of the article is what you expect, it's never nice to receive an article smaller or larger than expected, we try do do our best to make our picture more visual.

- Check the quantity ordered and what includes / what is not.

- Check that you are well within our "security" time limit otherwise contact us!

Order date + 2 weeks (production) + 3 working days (for Belgium) or 8 working days (for Europe) or 15 working days (for the rest of the world) + 10 working days.

How to get a refund / exchange my article?

Be careful, the personalized articles are not exchangeable or refundable. However, if your item does not contain customization, you have 30 days to return the goods at your expense. To do this contact us before at