Atelier 58E logo

Aurore and Gregory work everyday together to create for you unique products for all events of your life.

In love since 2006, they started this adventure in 2012 with rings boxes creation just for fun. Their creations have improved with wishes of their customers. They enlarge their products range in the begin of 2016.

In front of success of their business and mostly with encouragement of their dear newly-weds they started their own little company : Atelier58E

The concept was to propose an entire original range for your event but also to create tailor-made products on demand. Company is managed by Gregory and Aurore is responsible to create logo and products. All of their project are developped with a lot of respect for your event and above all they are made from something very important : a part of themselves.

They use most local products and supplies and are very lucky to work with a Belgian carpenter for a big part of their products.

Aurore and Gregory are nearly thirty.. They love to travel, are vegetarians and are happy humans of 5 beloved cats. During their free-time, they love to walk and run in fields just behind their house and are big fan of television series. They love above all their family and are very proud you choose them for this very special day !

Thank you all, because without you, all of this would have been impossible !


  • Thanks to Geoffrey for his photography and video talents
  • Thank you to Frederick and Stephane for their incredible work on our website
  • And finally, a special thank you to all those who made our project possible!